Custom Toast


Toasts are the preferred Android mechanism to deliver short messages to users. But, they tend to be kind of boring. So, why not make them more exciting? Let’s build a custom toast and make it pop!

Custom Toast

Custom Layout

First thing we’ll need is a custom layout for amazing toast. Let’s start off with something simple, a TextView and an ImageView:

Custom Toast

Awesome, we’ve defined our Toast’s layout. Time to use it.

First thing we’ll need to do is inflate it and initialize its views:

Next, we’ll create a new toast and add our custom view to it:

We can customize it even further: to make things interesting, we can also define the Toast’s gravity – to control where it appears on the screen:


And we’re done, simple as that! This is what the final thing looks like:

And just call it with:


Get the full source code here.

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